ONE orders 10 more container ships

Japanese liner company Ocean Netlink Shipping ONE announced that it has ordered 10 13,700 TEU Panamax container ships, with the new vessels to be delivered in 2025 and 2026, but did not disclose the exact price or shipyard.

The Singapore-based maritime company said this new order is in line with the company’s medium-term strategy announced in March 2022 and follows the 10 container ships ordered last May. The 10 new vessels will be fueled by methanol and ammonia and equipped with bow baffles and other energy-saving technologies. ONE has also begun discussions with shipbuilders and equipment manufacturers to implement onboard carbon capture and storage features when the vessels are delivered.
ONE’s principals commented, “By ensuring a steady deployment of new, state-of-the-art container ships, unconstrained by short-term fluctuations in the container shipping market. The company’s goal is to strengthen the competitiveness of its fleet to meet the needs of its customers to build and maintain an efficient and reliable supply chain.”

The latest order will enable ONE, the world’s seventh largest liner company, to exceed the 2 million TEU mark in capacity. The current global order book for container vessels under construction accounts for about 30% of the global fleet’s 26.6 million TEU capacity, second only to the LNG industry, and a large number of new vessels will be built by Asian shipyards in the next three years.

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