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With China’s Belt and Road policy, the new “Silk Road” is now appreciated by almost all European importers. The range of goods exchanged between East and West is now quite large: textiles, food, electronic products, household appliances, new energy sources. Railroad transportation has become the new popular mode of transportation.

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Our brokers will make sure you are on track from standard clearance, continuous bonding and ISF compliance to special customs work such as FDA and FWS.

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The friendly and professional staff at Czpzlogistics will insure your cargo, and in the event of loss or damage, your import and export shipments are covered.

Although rail transportation in China has been around for a long time, it is only recently that this channel has experienced dynamic growth and has been revitalized. More and more European companies are now using rail transport as their new transport solution in order to reduce costs and increase profit margins.
Now, Chongqing, China has become the most frequent city for rail transportation in China, and Poland is the most cleared country for rail transportation. With the advantages of high efficiency, low cost and controlled transportation time, rail transportation is also becoming more and more popular in Europe, especially in Germany, Poland, Italy, Finland and Russia.
Our rail transport services are 30% faster than sea transport and 50% cheaper than air transport. Whenever you need it, we can design a comprehensive solution for you, including pick-up and delivery from anywhere in China and Europe.
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